by: Piyush Joshi. ©mediaola.2011.


Fox is walking with his head down , tired and hungry.

Dream bubble appears – to show a roast chicken.

Suddenly the fox see a chicken on rocking chair.

Fox's reaction of delight and surprise.

Dream bubble to show devil in fox wishing to strangle the chicken.

Fox sneak behind a tree.

Fox sneaks forward but steps on a rake whose handle rises to hit Fox on face .
( Sound – foley)

Fox falls back and hits his head on the edge of a bucket. Bucket flies up and lands on Fox's head.
(Sound – foley)

Chicken gets alerted and hides behind farmer's leg. – Close up shot . ( Farmer's leg only visible in close up)

Close up- Farmer's arm rises with a pitchfork.

Fox runs to the hills – fade.